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Stunning recent moments EXPOSED!


chics beer bonging... what's better than that?

we're not so sure this is beer...

and a tight ass like a freshman
"anyone seen my left nut?"


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Some Past Stickin's!

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outtake #1

who the FUCK let this guy in?!? uhhh, totally out of place - we don't even think he knew what was going on. didn't understand his shirt either... hope you enjoyed the free beer douche!

the clip


outtake #2

We're pretty sure this dumb drunk brunnette was shouting results of her exam to her mom... The thing is, she's got a cock stuck to her chin and a dick in her ass - she should have held the call.

the clip


jug jug jug jujg

and they just keep going...




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This is just fucking hilarious btw...


(and do other incredibly fucking idiotic things) as seen here

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Everyone has a price.

These filthy fuckers find it.

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